Types Of Facial Hair Removal

Hair growing on a womans face can be due to a number of factors. Luckily there are many ways to correct this unenviable condition. A lot of options for removing excess facial hair are listed below.

1. Plucking or tweezing

A speedy and easy way to get rid of the hair is to pluck it out with a set of tweezers. Some people may experience skin redness and irritation after they have plucked out the facial hair. This method usually take effect for two to eight weeks.

2. Removing the hair with a Razor

Even though shaving may be appropriate for woman's legs, the facial skin is a little bit delicate and must be treated with extra care so you may want to trynono. Cuts to the skin, as well as razor burn can happen if you are not careful when shaving. Shaving as a hair removal treatment is more suited to women with soft fine facial hair as although it will regrow within 3 days it wont be as noticeable as the regrowth of dark hair.

3. Lightening the Hair by Bleaching It

A do it yourself way to lessen the look of dark facial hair is to use a home bleaching kit. There is a risk that the bleach could burn the skin so care should be taken to only leave the solution on the hair for the recommended time. In fact, bleaching kits are made available nowadays. The chemical ingredients make bleaching not suitable for everyone so by reviewing other methods including trynono reviews you may find a better method for your needs.

4. Using Depilatories

Depilatories work by attacking the keratin in the hair strand causing it to disintegrate. Like bleaching, using a depilatory is painless but it is important that the cream is not left on for too long, or irritation my occur. For those with chemical and allergic dermatitis, it is better to ask a doctor for the correct creams to be used just as you would ask does nono work. Depending on your hair type, you should have a smooth face for up to a fortnight.

5. Electrolysis to permanently remove hair

As the name suggests, electrical currents are used to effect the hair at the follicle, reducing the chances of it regrowing. If done correctly by a trained professional the only side effects of Electrolysis should be some short term redness.

6. Laser - A Permanent Solution

If you have dark skin then this may not be the best choice as it can cause changes to the pigment of the skin. It's certainly possible that you'll experience a little bit of redness, swelling or sensitivity on your treated skin, but overall laser treatments are going to cause any significant or permanent damage.

The method you decide to use to remove your facial hair will come down to your budget, skin type and the amount of time you are willing to give up to achieve a good result.