University of Florida reports yet another data breach

After hearing so much about data breaches that affect tens of millions of consumers, we become a little numb. News of a data breach involving only 441,035 people barely seems like newsworthy at all.

But what if those same 441,035 people were involved in six separate data breaches originating at the same place within 15 months?

That’s the story from the University of Florida. Since November 2007 UF has had a half dozen data breaches. In the last three months alone, they’ve been successfully hacked three times.

The largest of these occurred last November and revealed the names, addresses, birthdates and Social Security numbers of 330,000 people who were dental patients there anytime in the last 18 years. The most recent occurred in January and revealed the personal information of almost 100,000 students, faculty members and staffers.

Two of the remaining data breaches involved information that was accidentally posted on a public website. Another occurred when an assistant plastic surgery professor gave away a personal laptop on which he stored the photos, names, address, birthdates, Social Security numbers, and in some cases, the Medicare numbers of 1,900 of his patients.

Janine Sikes, a university spokesman, said they university is looking for any other potential security vulnerabilities and will address them “before they become problems.”

“With this breach coming on the heels of what we had last fall, we are certainly recognizing our vulnerabilities and have stepped up our vigilance,” she added.

Does that mean the previous five data breaches weren’t enough to get their attention? Until the sixth data breach were they just sacrificing goats in an attempt to appease the data breach gods?

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3 Responses to “University of Florida reports yet another data breach”

  1. Gatorhater says:

    You never hear about this happening at FSU — GO NOLES!!

  2. F. Miller says:

    Behavior this irresponsible should be criminal! You can bet a lot of the people who had dental work done in the 90’s have been ID theft victims and never had a clue where it came from. Heads should roll for this.

  3. Mdavies says:

    The Gators just try to be #1 in everything, don’t they.

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