eRecon TM & TrueAddress TM new LifeLock services

First there was WalletLock™, LifeLock’s exclusive document replacement service for customers whose wallets have been lost or stolen. Now, LifeLock has added eRecon™ and TrueAddress™ to their identity theft protection lineup. TrueAddress™ and eRecon™ continually scan the internet searching for information that may indicate a customer’s personal information has been compromised.TrueAddress™ monitors the millions of address changes submitted to the US Postal Service every year. It’s not uncommon for identity thieves to change their victims’ mailing address to delay the discovery of the crime. Criminals may also change your address so they have immediate access to your identifying information, account numbers, etc. With LifeLock, you’d find out if identity thieves were gearing up for an attack before any damage was done to your credit.eRecon™ works on the internet like TrueAddress™, but broadens the search for any of your personal information such as Social Security number, account numbers, driver’s license number…anything that may be a red flag that your information is being sold or traded by identity thieves.LifeLock protects their customers by requesting fraud alerts and credit reports, removing your name for junk mail and phone solicitation lists, and replacing official documents from lost and stolen wallets. With TrueAddress™ and eRecon™ in their arsenal, LifeLock can do even more to protect their customers from identity theft.Both services are free and immediately included in LifeLock’s identity theft services for all of their newly enrolled and existing customers.

3 Responses to “eRecon TM & TrueAddress TM new LifeLock services”

  1. Walt says:

    Before anyone ever heard of Id theft my friends and I use to kid about changing a particularly arrogant professor’s address! This protection is a great idea.

  2. wysiwyg says:

    when we moved half our mail still wnet to old address; after 2 years we still get mail for previous owner! USPS sucks!

  3. W. Davis says:

    those new services and wallet service alone would do a lot for protection. Good idea!

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