The cost of LifeLock

LifeLock’s usual price is $120 a year. Sometimes there’s even a promotion code available online that brings the cost of LifeLock down to $99 a year, and then they throw in an additional month for you and your kids, free. They’ll even set you up on a pay-by-the-month plan if that works better for you.

Most people would see that as a good value, considering all the service and protection that provides. Others call it a rip-off, and say that the services LifeLock provides—like credit reports or fraud alerts—can be had for free. And they’re correct, except for the key word “service.”

What LifeLock members pay for isn’t the credit report or the fraud alert; it’s the service of ordering the credit report for you. It’s the service of placing the fraud alerts, and then renewing them for you every 90 days. It’s the service of removing your name from junk mail and phone solicitation lists. And they do more than just those things.

What’s it worth to you?
You’ve probably known for years that you could do these things yourself at no cost. But have you done them yet? If you have, and if you continue to do them quarterly or annually as required, then LifeLock might not be a terrific deal for you. But if you haven’t done this stuff yet, or if you placed one fraud alert but never renewed it, you’re the kind of person who really benefits from these services.

In addition, LifeLock adds another service you can’t get anywhere else, free or otherwise. Lost you wallet? Purse stolen? Passport gone missing? If you’re a LifeLock member, just make a call and they’re on the job. All the documents you were carrying will be replaced, including professional licenses, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, insurance cards, credit cards, bank cards, traveler’s checks, passports and visas.

Need more convincing about the value of a LifeLock plan? How about a $1 million total service guarantee?

That’s a lot of service. No, it’s not free…but it’s good.

3 Responses to “The cost of LifeLock”

  1. Dee says:

    I spend about $1000 a year on hair services, and felt OK about it until my sister was turned down for a job because of her arrest record — SHE”S NEVER BEEN ARRESTED BUT SOMEONE GAVE HER NAME AND ID WHEN THEY GOT ARRESTED FOR SELLING COCAINE!

    Suddenly $100 a year doesn’t seem like so much. My sister has paid thousands trying to get her name cleared.

  2. Anna Marie says:

    Every time a LIfeLock ad comes on TV my husband and I used to argue about whether it’s a rip-off or not. I enrolled. Now I just tell him to shut up: It’s my money and only $9 a month, so screw it!

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