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Friday, March 5th, 2010

Consumer education key to cybercrime war

Is it better to try to chase down cybercriminals, or educate computer users? That’s the ongoing debate among security experts.

On one hand, there have been some huge victories recently in the battle against the bad guys. This week, three men were arrested in connection with a creating a “botnet” that infected an estimated 13 million computers from 190 countries and stole personal and financial information.

In 2008, the alleged mastermind of the largest cybercrimes in history was arrested. Albert Gonzalez is responsible for the greatest data breaches in history, including Heartland Payment Systems, TJX, Hannaford Brothers, 7-Eleven, Citibank and Dave and Buster’s, according to his indictments.

Gonzalez also supervised an online forum in which more than 160 million credit cards, birth certificates, Social Security cards, PIN numbers and computer login information was exchanged.

So, the good guys must be winning the war, right? Probably not. (more…)