Data breach: New Hampshire prisoner found with list of all Corrections employees’ info

Here’s how we’d like to think of it: Prison inmates are the stupid ones and their keepers are the smart ones.

Here’s how it really is: An unnamed New Hampshire prison employee assigned prisoners to work in a warehouse where they had access to Corrections Department records, including a list of ALL department employees and their Social Security numbers.

Big surprise: An inmate in a Concord minimum-security prison absconded with the list, which was discovered in his cell during a routine search.

The employee information included names, titles, positions, departments, labor grades and Social Security numbers of the roughly 1,000 people employed in the Corrections Department as of March 2008.

“We’re not 100 percent certain how this got into his hands,” said Jeff Lyons, a department spokesman.

Other officials believe the list originated in another prison that was recently closed, and was being stored at the Concord prison warehouse until it could be shredded, according to an account of the security breach in the Concord Monitor.

Lyons told the Concord Monitor officials aren’t sure how long the inmate had the list, or whether he did anything with the information.

But, according to the email notifications sent by Capt. Jon Fouts to the affected employees, officials believe the “inmate had the document for less than one day and did not have the opportunity to do anything with it.

What you need to consider: When you accepted your employer’s job offer, you provided them with your name, address, phone number, email address, birth date, Social Security number and, in some cases, your maiden name.

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