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LifeLock and Life Quotes team up to protect consumers and help them save money

LifeLock has partnered with Life Quotes to bring more consumers an opportunity for more complete identity theft protection to safeguard their personal finances and their personally identifying information.

It is a perfectly logical marriage of the leaders in their respective industries. LifeLock has long been considered the industry leader in proactive identity theft protection services, and Life Quotes was the first company to provide consumers with comprehensive insurance comparison services.

The collaboration also joins two companies committed to serving consumers looking for the best value in the products that protect their families and finances. That mission has become doubly important at a time when so many families are affected by the economic downturn.

“Through this partnership with LifeLock, we hope to provide our users with a necessary tool for helping to protect against identity theft. Just as life insurance and other forms of insurance are important protection measures, an identity theft service is crucial to keeping a stronger hold on finances.”

Since its inception in 2005, LifeLock has consistently provided its members—now numbered at more than 1.6 million—with innovative, effective identity theft protection services.

Last December, LifeLock introduced Command Center™, a suite of global protections that scours public records, bank check reorders, payday loan applications, court documents and sex offender registries for any signs of misuse of their members’ personal or financial information. Should any red flags appear, LifeLock immediately contacts their member by phone and email and begins remediation and recovery work with them.

The following year, LifeLock introduced eRecon™ and TrueAddress™, services that continually monitor Internet sites for evidence of identity theft warning signs.

In 2007, they introduced WalletLock™, to help members immediately with lost or stolen wallets cancel and replace their driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, credit and bankcards, etc. WalletLock™ allows consumers to stay a step ahead of would-be identity thieves.

Life Quotes has been similarly innovative in the services they have been providing consumers since 1984 when they incorporated as Quotesmith. Thanks to Life Quotes, consumers can visit a single website to compare products and prices for their autos, health, homes, boats and businesses. That means a savings of time and money at a time when people are experience a shortfall of both.

To learn more about LifeLock and LifeLock Command Center, visit Enroll using the promotion code DEFENSE to save 10% and receive 30 days of free coverage.

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