LifeLock reviews: My firsthand account

So far, so good. I’m six months into my new LifeLock membership, and so far everything has gone just like they said it would.

I received my notice that I would no longer receive pre-approved credit offers within a few days. Hallelujah! ID thieves steal mail as one of the most common methods of ID theft, and every time I pulled a credit offer with a check out of my mailbox, I worried about whether there had been others I’d missed.

Because of the work I do, I know that a common ID theft technique is to change the victim’s address to divert mail and obtain personal and financial information. LifeLock’s TrueAddress™ monitors address changes and confirms that if my address is changed, it’s because I changed it.

I received my credit reports within just a couple weeks. We’re all supposed to review our credit reports annually, and with LifeLock, it gets done. Only 36% of Americans actually follow that advice, and it’s a relief to be among the 64% who do.

LifeLock’s WalletLock™ helps me replace my bankcards, credit cards, driver’s license, etc. if I ever lose my wallet—something I did twice before I got LifeLock. This weekend, I was in a hurry and had my hands full so I stuffed my debit card and $40 cash into my pocket; I lost the cash, but, thankfully, not the card. Still, it was a relief knowing LifeLock would help replace it if I had.

LifeLock also provides LifeLock Identity Alerts™, eRecon™, 24-hour customer service and a $1 million total service guarantee.

I haven’t applied for any new credit this year, and I haven’t received any notifications that anyone else has used my information to take out new credit. So far, so good.

But has LifeLock actually prevented my becoming an ID theft victim? I don’t know. But I do know they’ve at least cut down on my risk factors. And, I know that if someone did try to steal my identity, I’d know about it a lot faster than I would without LifeLock, and with their help, I’d be able to minimize the damage.

Is that worth $9 a month? You bet.

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