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If you’re researching identity theft protection services, a LifeLock review is the place to start.Consumers’ LifeLock review“I urge everyone to consider employing LifeLock to protect his or her Identity. I am grateful the thieves that tried to get to me were not able to succeed even though they have tried repeated times. LifeLock stopped them!”“We looked at a number of companies and found LifeLock had the best product for protecting people from ID theft plus much more. I wish we had found them before my wife and I recently became victims.”What LifeLock offersOf course any of the companies you’re considering will tell you that they’re the best, but LifeLock offers more services than any of the others. And with this promotion code , they’re less expensive.

  • LifeLock will contact the major credit reporting bureaus and place fraud alerts on your accounts. Ninety days later, when the alerts expire, LifeLock will renew them.
  • LifeLock will take your name off phone solicitation and junk mail lists. This prevents ID thieves from targeting you for phone scams, or snatching pre-approved credit card offers from your mailbox.
  • LifeLock will order your credit report and send it to you.
  • LifeLock will enroll you in their WalletLock coverage—something no other identity theft protection company has. With WalletLock, all official documents in your purse or wallet will be replaced if they’re ever lost or stolen. LifeLock will take care of all of it for you.
  • If your identity is stolen while you’re a LifeLock client, LifeLock backs their services with their $1 million total service guarantee. That’s how confident they are that their system of identity theft prevention works.
  • LifeLock is more than an identity theft protection service; LifeLock is an identity theft prevention service. And isn’t preventing identity theft the whole idea?

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  1. Mdavies says:

    I’m interested in how many people have had the $1 million guarantee used towards their theft? Does Lifelock have any examples?

  2. 2cheep says:

    right now i’m so stressed i’m happy to pay anybody to take care of anything so i don’t ahve to do it!

  3. Menden says:

    Awesome info! I was honestly just thinking about something similar to this the other day so, it was almost “weird” when I ran across this. You would be surprised how many people simply have no idea when it comes to this kind of stuff. Anyway, thanks for getting this info out there and I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates you taking the time to post this for the masses.

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