LifeLock complaints

Before signing up with LifeLock or any other identity theft program, you want to check them out. Read their website content carefully. Compare their product and guarantee with their competitors’. Finally, you want to look at the company’s customer satisfaction ratings. The best place to do this is the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Being a member and having that BBB seal signifies that the company adheres to what the BBB calls their seven Principles of Trust.

  • Start With Trust
  • Advertise Honesty
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Transparent
  • Honor Promises
  • Be Responsive
  • Embody Integrity

What the Better Business Bureau says about LifeLock complaints

First you want to check the company’s rating. LifeLock has a satisfactory rating with the BBB, meaning there aren’t an unreasonable number of LifeLock complaints, and they haven’t ever been subjected to any government actions.

Then, you want to look at the actual number of complaints. To get the most accurate picture, you want to compare the number of complaints to the number of customers the company has. LifeLock has 700,000 customers and has received only 17 complaints, which means 99.9975 percent of their clients are happy. Of those 17 total LifeLock complaints, 15 have been resolved in the past 12 months. Within that same 12 month period, LifeLock has added 500,000 new customers.

LifeLock is very proud of their customer service record, and invites you to check them out now on the BBB website.

3 Responses to “LifeLock complaints”

  1. consumer says:

    I’ve never heard of a single customer complaining about LifeLock’s customer service or saying they didn’t do what they said they’d do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those are really impressive stats.

  3. Robert V. says:

    This is one of the best responses I’ve read so far. I’m still researching before I commit, but this sounds more fact-based than any of the slams I’ve read on teh Internet–must be from competitors ; )

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