LifeLock and TrueAddress

We all get so much junk mail that every once in a while it’s a relief to reach in and find the mailbox empty. We can breathe a sigh of relief that there aren’t any credit card bills, mortgage offers or—worst of all—pre-approved credit card offers.

But, if on the second day the mailbox is empty again, we start to wonder, “Is today an obscure federal holiday? Did the mail carrier have a stroke in someone’s front yard down the road?”

You might be better off wondering if your mail was delivered while you were at work, but stolen before you got home. Or, if someone has submitted a change of address so they can sift through your bank and credit card statements at their leisure and take advantage of all those pre-approved credit card offers delivered in your name.

Because thieves so often redirect their victims’ mail, Life Lock has added another weapon to their arsenal of identity protection services. TrueAddress monitors the change of address requests submitted to the United States Postal Service, checking to see that none of their 1 million customers has been targeted as easy prey for ID thieves.

To further limit your vulnerability, they’ll also submit a request that your name and address be stricken from the lists that marketers use to generate all those pre-approved credit card offers. You’ll still get some junk mail (“Buy three cans of baked beans and get the fourth one free!”), but not the stuff identity thieves can use against you.

If you want to learn more about the services that make LifeLock the industry leader in identity theft protection, visit Use promotion code Defense and get a terrific discount and one month of free protection.

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  2. Brokn Clavicle says:

    Have you ever seen any of those photos of someone who saved a year’s worth of junk mail? An average person gets a ton of it every year so I’m sure there are lots of opportunities for ID thieves. And, oh, all those poor, poor trees.

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    Ohhh very good info !! i think few realiz how common this is! nice job lifelock!

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