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“I got together a lot of smart people, including the vice-chairman of Bank of America, the former global chief information chairman for Visa, and said ‘Let’s go be disruptive; let’s go do something different.’” Todd Davis, Life Lock CEO

LifeLock’s product is different in a lot of ways, so it makes sense they’d market it differently. They’ve got that bus plastered with the Social Security number of Todd Davis, Life Lock CEO. They’ve organized a Strike Back Tour to bring their message about ID theft prevention to consumers and Congress. They’ve got the NASCAR sponsorships. They’ve got all those radio spots. Nobody else in the identity theft protection industry does that stuff.

But LifeLock is different from its competitors in a lot of other, more important ways, too. The credit monitoring guys are watching out for the bogus account that’s already been opened in your name. But LifeLock is blocking the identity thieves so the bogus new account never gets opened.If your wallet gets lost or stolen, don’t even bother calling the other guys—they don’t offer that service. Only LifeLock’s WalletLock–a standard part of every plan–will get all the stuff that was in your wallet, back into your wallet. We’re talking about your driver’s license, your Social Security card, your credit cards, ATM/debit cards, your professional license, your checkbook, your traveler’s checks, your passport and your visas. How much fun does that sound like? Do you want to do all that on your own? No wonder the other guys won’t touch it.

When those other guys give you a guarantee, read the fine print. LifeLock’s $1 million total service guarantee doesn’t have any fine print.

It makes sense that their market presence is a little…different; LifeLock is a different kind of service.

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  1. Susan Bee says:

    Life Lock’s service really does stand out from the crowd.

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