Irresponsible handling of personal information draws identity thieves like cockroaches

All the mail shredding in the world might not be enough to protect you from identity theft. It’s all a matter of who you trust you’re your private information. Your lawyer? State agencies? Think again.

Though much is said about high-tech computer hackers, private and public agencies might be the biggest threat many of us face.

Here are a couple recent examples of the sort of irresponsibility that puts us all at risk of becoming victims of identity thieves:

Aug. 12, 2008 Child Protective Services
(San Antonio, TX)

Hundreds of private, personal records were discarded with the trash, including records detailing medical histories of clients with diseases and drug addictions. Documents showing sexual abuse and information that could be used for identity theft, such as Social Security numbers, were also found in the trash.

July 23, 2008 San Francisco Human Services Department
(San Francisco, CA)

Potentially thousands of files containing personal information was exposed after a San Francisco agency left confidential files in unsecured curbside garbage and recycling bins. In some cases entire case files were discarded. Blown up copies of social security cards, driver’s licenses, passports, bank statements and other sensitive personal information were all left in these unlocked bins.

July 15, 2008 Weber Law Firm
(Houston, TX)

Sheriff’s deputies uncovered hundreds of people’s personal financial files that had been discarded in a dumpster in northwest Houston. Box after box of records including personal financial records, documents with Social Security numbers, people’s medical files and more were found in the dumpster.

When files containing personal and financial information are thrown in the trash, consumers’ reputation and finances could end up trashed, too.

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