Grady Memorial Hospital Data Breach

It could happen to anyone. You engage in a little gossip or self-disclosure, sharing a juicy tidbit with a friend. Your friend assures you it’ll go no further. And then the information is shared one more time, again, with the warning that this juicy story cannot be retold. Eventually, the story will get back to the subject of the gossip, or worse, end up on the Internet.

It was pretty much the same scenario with a recent data breach that originated at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Like most hospitals and physicians, Grady Memorial outsources the transcription of their physicians’ medical notes. In this case, the information of 45 patients was to be transcribed by Metro Transcribing Inc., in nearby Marietta, Georgia. But the Marietta firm then outsourced the job to Renee Lella a contractor in Nevada. The work was then, incredibly, outsourced yet again to a third transcription company in India, Primetech Infosystems.

Next stop for the traveling transcribed medical records: the Internet. The data breach came to light when one of the Grady physicians casually performed a Google search on his name. To his surprise, the search revealed his own notes, which included patients’ names, ages, conditions, diagnoses and medical procedures.

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