FDLE’s top dog falls victim to ID theft

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s top agent has become the victim of identity theft, and she thinks crooks accessed her information online.

Joyce Dawley runs the Orlando region of the FDLE, and said she was sitting at her desk one Tuesday in June, and she literally saw money disappearing from her bank account before her very eyes. She saw that $2,700 was debited, then another $1,300 came out, and by the time she made a phone call, another $1,000 had been withdrawn. Within minutes, more than $5,000 had disappeared from her account. Someone in New York City had withdrawn her money.

The woman accused of the crime walked into a Manhattan bank, and claimed she had lost her purse. But she did have Dawley’s Social Security number, along with her name and bank account number, which she claimed as her own. She withdrew money at that bank, then went down the street to another branch, and did the same thing.

“I had not lost my wallet. I had not had anything stolen. No one broke into my home or my car,” Dawley said. The case is still under investigation.

Dawley’s information was stolen and before she knew it, so was her money. If she hadn’t been looking at her account at the time, she may not have known a thief was at work until it was too late – and her bank accounts could have been wiped out.

Dawley’s personal information could have been used in a number of other ways as well, all designed by a thief in order to ruin Dawley and make the thief rich. And it would have ruined her good credit and taken months, maybe even years, to mend.

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