Compare LifeLock to other ID theft protection services

One way to choose an identity theft protection service is to find the company with the most customers and join the crowd. If choosing a company just because almost 1.5 million customers chose them is good enough for you, LifeLock is for you.

But, if you want to go with the company that offers the most and does it for less than its biggest competitors, you need to know why those 1.5 million customers chose LifeLock.

Credit reports: They’re an important tool in limiting the damage done if your identity has been stolen. That’s why LifeLock, Truston, Debix and TrustedID will all request yours from the credit reporting companies for you.

Fraud alerts: Truston doesn’t offer this service, but the other three will request the alerts for you if you think you have been or might become an ID theft victim. Unless you ask them not to, they’ll automatically renew them for you every 90 days.

Reduce pre-approved credit card offers: Even though these are a prime source of information for thieves, only LifeLock and TrustedID offer this service.

$1 million total service guarantee: Only LifeLock backs their service with $1 million worth of confidence.

Legal assistance to recover stolen identities: Three of the top four companies provide legal assistance; Truston doesn’t.

WalletLock™: Lost and stolen wallets are the number one source for stolen identities. Only LifeLock will help you cancel and replace the official documents from your wallets before thief can use them.

TrueAddress™: Again, only LifeLock monitors millions of change of address requests. If your name and address show up, they’ll contact you immediately to confirm no one but you submitted the request.

ERecon™: Another LifeLock exclusive. Scans more than 10,000 websites where thieves buy, sell and trade stolen identities.

Choose LifeLock for the most comprehensive identity theft protection service. Use LifeLock promotion code Defense for a price that beats all the others.

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  1. Heidi says:

    Thanks for putting it together in an easy to use format. I was surprised that some of these companies don’t even offer fraud alerts!

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