Cell phone lookups…scam or legit?

You may have seen ads on the Internet for free cell phone number lookup sites. Don’t waste your time.

We’ve all gotten the strange calls on our cell phones, and we have all thought, “I’d love to be able to find out who that was.”

Many of these sites are deceptive, and ask for way too much of your own personal information and, ultimately, money. These sites are likely phishing scams, designed to obtain your personal information in order to commit identity theft.

There are some legitimate sites that offer this service, but most of them charge a fee. Some, generally those that are less than $20, will give you general information, such as the city where the cell phone user lives. But that’s it.

Other sites that charge higher fees can provide you with the phone caller’s name and address, but you also get other information as well such as race, age, marital status, civil and criminal records, which you may or may not even need. You also get an ongoing plan, which means you can do more than one search for up to a year. This isn’t practical if your purpose was to look up only one number.

After searching for a free cell phone lookup, I came to the conclusion that there is no such animal if you want to find accurate cell phone owner information. These free lookup sites are misleading, and the search results vary greatly from provider to provider. The cheapest price on the ones that charge a fee is about $15, and the unlimited year-long membership (ongoing plan) is about $39.

If you need to find the source of a call, you can call your cell phone provider and give them the exact time you received the call, and they should be able to trace the call for you.

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