Almost 100 people charged in US and Eygiptian ID Theft Ring

US and Egyptian authorities have charge almost 100 people for their involvement in a identity theft ring that has stolen money from thousands of bank accounts. The FBI has arrested 50 people in the United States and Egyptian authorities arrested 47 who are all apart of the same identity theft ring.

The identity theft ring was using email addresses to attempt to trick people into logging into fake websites giving away there private account information. This is commonly refereed to as a phishing attack. The websites often look exactly like the real site but they secretly steal your login information.

At this time we do not know how the US and Egyptian people know each other or how they are connected. Perhaps they where partners or maybe they just bought and some information from each other. Whatever the case it’s shocking that this many people could be working together for this long. This case will have one of the largest defendants list of any cybercrime ever.

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